The Importance Of Wikileaks And Its Effect On The Organization Of A Company By Releasing And Discussion Information

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Whistleblowers can highlight and prosecute wrongdoers within a company by releasing and discussion information only very few have access to within an organization. When observing the common model of whistleblowing, the process of whistleblowing is composed of five stages (Henik, 2008): “the occurrence of the triggering event, recognition of the event and decision of actions to take, conduct of action, organizational reaction to whistle-blowing, and whistle-blower’s assessment to the organizational response”. The second stage is critical in that the decision to blow the whistle is made in that stage. Many people who want to come forth about information regarding an organization that they work for are usually too afraid to do so because of certain limitations. These limitations can include losing your job, lose of benefits, media locked on to you, and the organization itself can come after you. President Obama emphasized the importance of whistleblowing by saying, “Often the best source of information about waste, fraud, and abuse in government is an existing government employee committed to public integrity and willing to speak out” (CBC News, 2013). Sometimes, people interchangeably use the terms “whistleblowing and voice”. Earlier, Hirschman (1970) listed four ways to respond to dissatisfaction: “exit, voice, loyalty, and neglect”. “Dissatisfied employees adopt “voice” when they decide to stay in the organization and seek to improve current conditions (Zhou & George,

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