The Importance Of Writing

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Writing is a large part of understanding not just English, but all languages. It allows people to communicate with each other, look at the past, and for the schematics used for technology and buildings. Though many might distain the thought of it, writing is vital to everyday life and is a tool used around the world.
Most forms of communication are in some form of writing, such as texting, typing, or writing a letter. Whether it be through computer code or a common language every text based communication, that is not vocal, is considered writing. Essentially, writing exists as the cogs that make text based speech turn and without it the communication methods that are used every day would not exist. These forms of writing also help foreign peoples understand the language used by any country they might be in. This is possible due to language to language dictionaries, which have been applied all around the world, and subtitles on news and tv shows. This creates a bridge between languages and allows people to view the world through a different perspective. Writing is a key part to understanding other languages and allowing people to communicate with one another.
History, whether recent or ancient, is what humans base most of their decisions from. History is written pieces of knowledge that usually refer to other’s mistakes or lack thereof that have helped the world chose wiser decisions. Historians have collected, combined, as well as wrote jottings that were placed

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