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Writing 100 has taught 6 important outcomes to know while writing. Three of these key factors are subject matter knowledge, writing process knowledge, and rhetorical knowledge. Subject matter knowledge is important to know while writing to make sure you understand what you are writing about. Another important aspect while writing is the writing process knowledge, to have instructor and peer-review while writing is vital in catching mistakes while writing. It is necessary to be aware of rhetorical knowledge while writing, in order for the audience to understand the writing the writer must know the audience. Subject matter knowledge, writing process knowledge, and rhetorical knowledge are three key factors to know while writing. In order to succeed in Writing 100 knowing subject matter knowledge is critical. Being able to define rhetorical situations, genre, summary, thesis statement, topic sentence, and audience are just a few of the benefits that come with subject matter knowledge. Before writing 100 I did not use topic sentences for my body paragraphs. In writing 100 I learned how important topic sentences are and how to add them in. The first paper I wrote for writing 100 (The “Curse of Knowledge”) I started off the body paragraph by saying, “Writers assume the readers know what they know.” After getting feedback from Professor Campbell I learned the right way to start a body paragraph. My new topic sentence states,” Pinker persuades his audience by providing personal
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