The Importance of Accounting and Auditability in the Cloud

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Fig -1: An example situation in cloud computing showing the importance of accountability and auditability in the cloud Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient and on-demand network access to a shared pool of computing resources.One of the major characteristics of the cloud services is that users’ data are processed on unknown remote servers which are not under the control of service owner.Multiple users want to do business of their data or application using cloud , but their fears of losing control over their data or application become a barrier to the wide adoption of cloud computing services.Data owner must get confirmation that his/her data is safe on the cloud. To solve these problems, here proposes a highly decentralized framework to monitor the actual usage of the user’s data available on the cloud.The framework proposed in this work performs automated logging and distributed auditing of relevant access performed by other entity, occured at any point of time at any cloud provider . Software as a service model is considered in this work. The methodology includes an object centered approach that uses JAR programmable capabilities to create an object that contains service owner’s policies and data.When the data are accessed by any external entity, logging mechanism is automatically triggered at the moment itself.Automatic JAR checking is also done to verify the trustworthiness of the cloud server.Data encryption technique,policy checking and technique to

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