The Importance of Diverse and Democratic Schooling Essay

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The purpose of schools today is, unfortunately, to create a well-trained rather than well-educated workforce. However, the true purpose of schooling should be to educate all students equitably, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, etc., so that they can use logic and reasoning to make informed decisions (Spring, 6). Teachers are at the frontline in the struggle to create well-educated citizens within a diverse and democratic society. This essay will examine the criteria needed to create the ideal citizen of a diverse and democratic society, as well as how I as an educator plan to integrate and promote democracy and diversity in my teaching practices.

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Although these notions most often come to mind when democracy is mentioned, they have nothing really to do with the concept of democracy, that is, that the common people are free to rule themselves. To go beyond the idea of democracy as a form of government is to look at democracy as a way of living. The major components of a democratic way of life are listed in "The Case for Democratic Schools" :

The open flow of ideas, regardless of their popularity, that enables people to be as fully informed as possible.

Faith in the individual and collective capacity of people to create possibilities for resolving problems.

The use of critical reflection and analysis to evaluate ideas, problems, and policies.

Concern for the welfare of others and "the common good."

Concern for the dignity and rights of individuals and minorities.

And understanding that democracy is not so much an "ideal" to be pursued as an "idealized" set of values that we must live and that must guide our life as a people.

The organization of social institutions to promote and extend the democratic way of life.

(Beane and Apple, 6)

Democracy demands that its participants actively engage in debate, consideration of all points, and consideration for the diversity of others. This, I feel, is the connection between diversity and democracy: that the active participants of a strong democracy must learn to deal with the diversity of other individuals and the diversity of others'

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