The Importance of Effective Communication within Doctor- Patient Relationships

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The importance of effective communication within Doctor- Patient relationships. Upon setting out on this placement, it was my intention to study the communication methods and the effectiveness of such by doctors within the multidisciplinary team in order to prepare this assignment. Whilst on placement I was assigned to an On Call Registrar assigned to many consultants at the time. This wasn’t particularly ideal as continued contact with patients was not available to me, however there was one patient I recall whom I gained a lot of insight from. We were called to the extension ward of A&E where we were presented with a young woman, 19 years of age. She had been sent across from her GP with severe posterior flank pain. A urine test was…show more content…
We later found out that a urine sample had in fact been obtained at the GP surgery earlier that day, which the patient had falsely claimed it had not. What stood out about this situation to me was that this patient had withheld this vital information from the registrar. It could not be said whether this had been intentional by the patient, however it was decided not to discuss it further with the patient, as this may have hindered the trust and rapport that had already been built. It may have been due to a breakdown in communication between the patient and her GP, but because of the nature of the role in which the registrar had acquired the final outcome of this case, it was not witnessed. Upon our withdrawal from this patient and A&E department it was felt that the patient felt a lot happier and more at ease with the care that she had been given so far and what was planned for her. We felt confident in our discussions, that we made the right choice and that this was the right course of action for this particular patient. Initially my feelings regarding this incident were quite harsh and somewhat irrational. My only thoughts were why had this patient lied and concluded that she may be amplifying her symptoms or potentially attention seeking. However, this did not affect my treatment towards this patient and she received the investigation and treatment she needed in which to recover as instructed by the registrar. Soon after this
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