Effective Communication Within A Health And Social Care Setting

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Effective communication in practice

In this essay I will be analysing effective communication and reflecting on a personal situation that demonstrates this within a health and social care setting. There are many different types of communication, verbal, non-verbal, formal, informal, written and it can be shown through your tone of voice, thorough your facial expression, as well as the through your body language. The official definition of communication according to Oxford Learning Dictionary is, “the activity or process of expressing ideas and feelings or of giving people information” and I will be using the Gibbs reflective tool (1988) and its 6 stages as the frame work to break down the incident I was involved in and compare it to the …show more content…

By this point the patient had stopped breathing, I had pressed the emergency buzzer and ran to phone outreach whilst one of the nurses on my ward had started CPR and a nurse from the ward next door had pushed down the crash trolley. During situations like this it is hard to always insure that the patient’s dignity says intake, there is a lot that happens quickly, with urgency and as well as a confined space, as a result an output is often prioritised over making sure that patient in covered for example. However, the patient is constantly being reassure and we were running him through what was happening to try and lessen his panic in an unsettling and terrifying experience.

The first emotion I remember feeling when I realised the seriousness of the situation was shock. This was the first crash I had ever experience and as the shock began to pass I felt slightly panicked, there was an element of chaos that had erupted within minutes and everyone was rushing around in kind of a blur. I do however remember that any commands or questions that were being asked were being spoken calmly and with the impression that everything was in control, this was somewhat reassuring to me when I felt at a loss of what to do. When the outreach people came, the people that help the nurses

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