The Importance of Health Information Privacy Bill of Rights

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Describe the issue and its impact on the population it affects most. What arguments or facts are used in the article to support the proposed solution? What are the ethical and legal issues reported for your administrative issue? Explain the managerial responsibilities related to administrative ethical issues. If none were stated, what should have been done? Identify any proposed solutions. The article documents the diminished rights of patient privacy. Kam (2012) states that an attorney specializing in patient rights James C Pyles complained that an individual has "greater privacy rights regarding the size of a shirt you purchased online than you do about information in your mental health records under the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights, issued by the White House in February 2012" Pyles consequently is pushing a forthcoming Health Information Privacy Bill of Rights that will provide patients the same degree of rights as those offered by the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights. The author believes that the Health Information Privacy Bill of Rights, developed with the American Psychoanalytic Association, is an important addition to the healthcare institution and spherically needed right now when implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) makes privacy of patient is more important than ever before. Electronic records opens us up to the possibility that millions of confidential information of patients can be simultaneously
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