The Importance of Liszt’s Sonata in B Minor

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The music piece The reason why this composition is important is because it is an answer to one of the issues discussed in The War of the Romantics, which was about the sonata. Liszt chose to modify and develop the form instead of keeping to the form the composers used to compose by in the classical era (“Liszt, Franz”). Britannica explains the sonata form as coming from the binary form, however, the sonata form is more complex. The binary form has two parts and the form is held together by the ”themes… tonalities, or keys, the particular sets of notes and chords used in each part” (Britannica). The first part is played twice and it ends in the same key as the second part starts with, which makes the second part complete the first part. The sonata form, is usually written A B, and the exposition is in the first part, the A section, and the development and recapitulation is in the second part, the B section. The exposition is in the original key and has contrasting musical statements (Britannica). After the A section and the exposition, the composition moves on to the B section, and the development that begins in another key, then the development goes through an amount of new keys where the musical statements are “… combined, broken up, recombined, and otherwise brought into change and conflict” (Britannica). The recapitulation then brings the composition back to the original key. (Britannica) In Liszt’s Sonata in B Minor, it is

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