The Importance of Oral Hygiene Essay

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Importance of careful assessment of oral cavity for suspicious lesions for early detection of multiple myeloma.1

ARTICLE TITLE AND BIBLIOGRAPHIC INFORMATION: Article title: “The multiple oral presentations of multiple myeloma”.1
Bibliographic information: Richard C. Cardoso & Peter J. Gerngross & Theresa M. Hofstede & Donna M. Weber & Mark S. Chambers. Support Care Cancer (2014) 22:259–267 DOI 10.1007/s00520-013-1960-y.

The purpose of this study was:
1) “To show the varied oral presentations of multiple myeloma, illustrating the importance of carefully surveying the oral cavity for suspicious lesions that could be indicative of palpable disease and/or recurrence”.1
2) “The diagnostic criteria and …show more content…

Though specific subject selection criteria are not mentioned in the article, subject selection bias is not observed as cases reported in this article include both sexes, age range reported is broad from 31 to 70 years old the location and clinical appearance of each oral lesion were different. Author has reported and discussed each case and analyzed similarities and differences in all case reports. As per my opinion this study has following issues:
• The literature review was detailed explaining the etiology diagnosis and treatment of the disease however limited literature references were mentioned to support the conclusion that, Oral cavity lesions can be the first sign of relapse or succession of myeloma.1
• Only 5 cases were reported which limits study evidence. More number of cases should be observed to confirm the conclusion.
• The purpose of the study and final conclusion do not match. In the study purpose it was mentioned that, oral cavity lesions could be indicative of palpable disease and/or recurrence of myeloma however in the conclusion it was stated that, “oral cavity lesions can be the first sign of recurrence or progression of multiple myeloma”.1
The study was well

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