The Importance of Religion for Two Paradigms: Science and Natural Philosophy

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Importance of Religion for Two Paradigms: Science and Natural Philosophy
Since the beginning of the intellectual development of mankind, the question of whether there is god or not has been a question that still remains. However, its effects on our way of thinking has been shaped by a number of people, thinkers, priests, scientists so on and so forth. If we were to divide that continuum into two parts, they would be before the enlightenment and after the enlightenment. Namely the times of natural philosophy and times of science since the term produced after the mid eighteenths. Before the enlightenment religion was the core, center pillar of natural philosophy when the medieval Europe was thought. Nevertheless, after that era the …show more content…

The main difference between the natural philosophy and the science has come from the part of experiment. While science is empirical, natural philosophy is not. The power lies within science comes from the experiment part because it is undeniable. Moreover, there is another difference. In that, as Reeves (2008) states that the goal of natural philosophy is different than the modern science. Because, natural philosophers had no interest in prediction and control but rather general understanding of nature.
Thirdly, place of religion in those two paradigms. As a matter of fact that distinction can be seen by looking at how they get separated from each other by enlightenment. Just before the enlightenment, the natural philosophy and religion were highly integrated in medieval Europe. They were not seen as different thing rather they seemed to be a part of the order of god. Interestingly, universities were helping that system. But there were some great thinkers who changed that perpetual cycle. However, that shift was occurred in an instant. It can be understood by glancing at some examples. For example Isaac Newton is known as the father of calculus and the founder of law of gravity. It may appear that he was a scientist since he followed the scientific method and devise such things. If we look at it one famous book called “Mathematical Principles of Natural

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