The Importance of the Police Officer's Statement when Responding to a Crime

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In the first part of the following essay I will be analysing the Police Statement and the reasons that the Jurat has to be included in a statement. I will be making reference to current legislation, NSWPF operational guidance and other reference material contained within the 201415 PPP232 Interact Site.
In the second part of the following essay I will be nominating one source of evidence that is present at the scene of a scenario. I will be discussing in my own words how Police should collate, handle and analyse the piece of evidence in a Criminal Investigation. In doing this I will be using relevant crime scene powers, NSWPF operational guidance and making reference to the Horswell (2004) reading.
Charles Sturt University (2014) states that a Police Statement is a chronological and accurate account of a Police Officer’s actions. The main purpose of the statement is to provide a truthful and accurate account which can include conversation and observations of the Police Officer.
A Police Statement must have certain details which are at the top of the statement. Some of these details include the title of the offence and who the accused is, as well as the place that the statement was taken. The name of the Police Officer who has created the Police Statement is very important as it distinguishes without a doubt who created the statement and if the need arises the Police Officer can be contacted through the details at the top of the Statement.
If a Police…