The Imposter Film Analysis

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The Imposter The Imposter is a 2012 documentary film about Frederic Bourdin, a twenty-three-year-old man in Spain, who falsely claims to be Nicholas Barclay. Nicholas, is American child who went missing three years prior in 1994, at the age of thirteen. Bourdin, fools several officials in Spain as well as the United States and even some of the missing child’s family members. The two “boys” in question could not be more different. It begs the question of how Bourdin could fool so many. Directed by Bart Layton and produced by Dimitri Doganis, the film tells his story from the viewpoint of Frederic, Nicholas’ family and friends, as well as an FBI agent who worked the case, etc. This intense thriller leaves the viewer with a sense of mystery from …show more content…

During the interview, Charlie was seated in front of a photo of the actual Nicholas. He looked back and forth at the photo and “Nicholas”, and he knew that he could not be the boy he was claiming to be. Charlie was familiar with a tactic for identification adopted by Scotland Yard in which ears were a means of identification, just like fingerprints, and the two in question were remarkably different. Charlie could not let the mystery of Nicholas Barclay go, so he began to speak with neighbors who said that before Nicholas had gone missing, the family constantly argued resulting in the police being at the residence two or three times a month. This led Charlie to believe that there was more going on than what family was telling everyone. He looked into police reports after Nicholas went missing, and a few months after the disappearance, Nicholas’ brother Jason called the police saying that Nicholas was attempting to break into the home. This is often a tactic people use to make other people believe that the person is still alive, so the reality that something happened inside of that home became more

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