The Inaccuracies Of Medical And How They Impact The Medical Community

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General Purpose Statement: To inform my audience of the inaccuracies in medical drams and how they impact the medical community.
Specific Purpose Statement: By listening to my speech, my audience will learn how medical dramas contain medical inaccuracies, wrongly depict doctor’s personal lives, and how this impacts the medical community.

I. Introduction
A. AGD: How many of you have ever watched an episode of a medical drama, such as ER, House, Scrubs, or Grey’s Anatomy? Now how many of you are actually plan on practicing medicine?
a. Wait for show of hands
b. Ask how many people plan on ever seeing a doctor
B. Link to Topic: Many of these dramas actually contain factual inaccuracies, which are contributing to an epidemic in the medical field.
C. Credibility Statement: Just like many of you, I enjoy watching medical dramas. In fact, I have been frantically trying to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy before the season premiere tonight. While I don’t plan on practicing medicine, I plan on interacting with medical professionals at some point.
D. Significance Statement: Even those of you who don’t watch medical dramas are affected by the perception of the medical community that these shows perpetuate.
E. Thesis Statement: Medical dramas are rife with inaccuracies that harm the medical community and their relationships with their patients.
F. Preview Statement: I’ll start by explaining the medical inaccuracies, followed by the wrongful depiction of doctors’ personal lives, and finish by
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