The Inauguration Of Our New Commander

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As we draw closer to the inauguration of our new Commander in Chief, one cannot help but evoke memories of the turbulent and tumultuous process of deciding who the next elected official to hold the highest job position in our nation would be. There was great dissent across the country which spawned into hateful rhetoric spewed by elitist hate groups, perpetuated even further through news outlets and social media. A bombardment of negative images and stories revolving around walls, kneeling for the national anthem, interracial violence, deportation, and segregation. All examples of issues that tear at the fabric of the patchwork quilt that truly made America great.
For what is America if not a melting pot? No stew, sauce, gravy, or soup …show more content…

The 54th Massachusetts Infantry regiment was activated in 1863. Colonel Robert Gould Shaw commanded the all African American regiment many of whom were former slaves into battle during the Civil War. Sergeant William H. Carney a member of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry regiment and a former slave became the first African American Soldier to be awarded the Medal of Honor. The first Chinese American to be promoted to the rank of General in the United States Army was John L. Fugh in 1984. General Fugh served in the Vietnam War as wall the Persian Gulf War. Japanese American Eric Shinseki was the first four-star General in the US Army and also served as the Chief of Staff for the army from 1999 to 2003. In 1942 the 1st Filipino Infantry regiment was activated. Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders have fought in many of the major US conflicts throughout history including World War I and II, Vietnam, and the Gulf War. Private Jose B. Nisperos, Private Miko Hasemoto, Private Shizuya Hayashi, Sergeant Jose Calugas, Staff Sergeant Rudolph B. Davila, are just a few Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders that have been awarded the Medal of Honor for their extraordinary heroism in action. In 1976 Richard E. Cavazos became the first Hispanic American to be promoted to the rank of General. In 1982 General Cavazos made military history

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