The Incidence Of Cervical Cancer

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According to the American Cancer Society (ACS) cervical cancer incidence rate among Hispanic women residing in the United States, is about 60% higher than among non-Hispanic white women. A geographic analysis in the United States found that, Hispanic women experience the highest cervical cancer incidence rates of any racial/ethnic group in every region; the highest rates were found among Hispanic women in the Midwest, likely due to large numbers of new immigrants in this region (ACS, 2016). This paper will briefly analyze the most relevant literature related to the incidence of cervical cancer the relationship with Human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccination rates among Hispanic women.


My search consisted of the words; HPV and Hispanic women, HPV vaccination and Hispanic women, HPV rates among Hispanics, access to HPV vaccine, cervical cancer, health care access, and disparities. The databases that I searched were CINAHL, the American Cancer Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. My only search criteria was that the articles had to have been published after the year 2011 and be in English. Finding articles related to the subject was not difficult since this is a well addressed and relevant health subject.
According to the literature, the following are considered to be some of the primary barriers and limitations affecting the access of Hispanic women to the HPV vaccine. Social, economic and cultural barriers play a very
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