The Incident Of Fort Scott, Kansas

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The move to Fort Scott, Kansas was one of the weirds days of my life so I thought. You see, I had never in my whole life been outside of the Kansas City area until I was forced to leave my grandparent’s home. Kansas City was the only place that I knew. The sounds of police cars going up and down the streets all night with sirens. To the waking in the middle of the night with red and blue lights flashing though the curtains and every now and then to the sound of gun shots or even the smell of BBQ coming from my next door neighbor old man Fred, who was a big time competition pit master in the K.C.K area or from the arguing from the young couple on the other side of my grandparents’ house where the parties would always happen on the weekends, to waking up every morning to the smell of coffee and Mexican food for breakfast. To me this was home and was normal not some place called Fort Scott. Ks
This time in my life was very hectic, my father just got remarried, my mom was nowhere around and hadn’t been since I was three years old. I was just starting the 6th grade at Argentine middle school and I was fighting the world with a chip on my shoulders. My life took a huge turn for the worst in my eyes after getting into trouble for fighting all the time. The State of Kansas thought it would be best to remove me from my grandparents’ home and place me in a foster home in a strange place called Fort Scott, Ks. So my journey begins headed to Fort Scott, Ks keep in mind that I had
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