The Incidents Involving Police Brutality

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In the recent years, police abuse has become clear to the public eye. Citizens in society are now not only trying to shelter and protect themselves from criminals, but now they must make sure they look out for those who are supposed to be the “peace keepers” that protect and serve. In this essay, it will discuss the incidents involving police brutality in society today, and also how the justice system is continuing to take away the given rights to citizens of the United States of America. Citizens must be able to protect themselves from the police officers taking advantage of their powers as a law enforcement agent. With this distinguishable difference in power, the citizens are prominently at a standstill for justice.
African American males are disproportionately the victims of police brutality, compared to their white counterparts in the American society. Due to race. Although racism does not exist, race still plays the factor in the everyday life of an African American male. Recent events in America have given citizens of the United States reason to suspect that extreme force is often unleashed on African American males. When going back and looking at the police cases, the use of extreme force is tragically displayed by the death of many African American citizens. A recent example can be found in the case of Charly Keunang. He was a homeless man who was shot and killed by the LAPD in the streets of Los Angeles. Another incident involved Michael Brown, an African American
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