The Indian Camp By Ernest Hemingway And Two Words By Isabel Allende

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Summer Reading Assignment
The short stories which are to be examined in this document are The Indian Camp by Ernest Hemingway and Two Words by Isabel Allende. Both stories were manufactured in brilliant yet ostensibly natural fashion that ignites in the reader, a fusion of profound interest and awe. Ultimately, the stories unite in their tackling of the sacred solemnity of love and death and the thin filament that separates yet binds both entities. Both tales dwell and arguably thrive in their deficiency of intense complexity, so to speak. They feature a sheer sense of clarity that eases the reader’s perception and comprehension of the narrative. This clarity is attributed to the author’s usage of relatively basic, minimal and graspable words/phrases for the common individual. This is perceptible in both writers’ portrayal of the setting in which a certain portion of the tale occurs. For instance at the culmination of Indian Camp Hemingway writes, “They were seated on the boat, Nick in the stern, his father rowing. The sun was coming up over the hills. A bass jumped, making a circle in the water.” (Hemingway- 7) In Two Words, Allende illustrates the setting of Belisa prior to her encounter with the Colonel and his men in an equally minimal manner as Hemingway: “One August morning, several years later, Belisa Crepusculario was sitting in her tent in the middle of the plaza, surrounded by the uproar of market day…..” (Allende-3) Through the author’s utilization and

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