The Indians With Federal Supervision

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The author believes the Indian New Deal will provide the Indians with new found benefits, many of which had been taken away from them by the government. The greatest benefit that the Indian New Deal would bring is the restoration of land. The Indians have been removed from their homes without a real excuse, and having their land back would be great. The New Deal would also prohibit the selling of land, making “Indian-owned land into tribal or community ownership”. With their land back the Indians would also free themselves from the suppression of their religious and social customs. This would all result in the benefit of self-government for the Indians with federal supervision, and if they prove being capable of self-government it could lead advancements in citizenship and their rights.
The W.E.B DuBois refer to black soldiers as “Soldiers of Democracy” because they are coming back from war willing to fight for Democracy in the United States of America. They have fought in the war for the U.S and now they are coming to fight in it, to save Democracy. These soldiers claim that the problems of their country are their problems too, and that they would be cowards not to use their “brain and brawn to fight a sterner, longer, more unbending battle against the forces of hell in our own land”. These soldiers are aware of the rights deprived to the nation’s citizens and are not willing to stand for it. Now that they have returned from war they are ready to fight for a real Democracy
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