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Who would have thought we would be using nuclear substances for medical purposes? Well, we are many different ways. I am going to discuss a test called the Indium Scan; this test requires the use of nuclear substances being injected into the blood stream via an IV. The amount of Indium that is giving is based on the patient and what the doctor feels as appropriate.
What is Indium you may ask?
Indium is an element. It has a classification name of metal. Indium was named for the Indigo line of spectrum and came from the Latin word indicum. There are 23 different types of Indium isotopes however only two are natural. Indium is also found in zinc, iron and lead. Indium is used for many reasons such as low melting point alloys, as well as many …show more content…

First the patient’s blood is drawn usually mixed with a small amount of substance called Indium -111 isotope, also known as tagging. This test requires around 50 mls of blood. In the second part of the test they inject the cells back into the patient’s body through a vein. This is not a contrast.
The next day the patient is asked to return for a series of images using a gamma camera. This is a full body scan. This test is done by a nuclear medicine technician. This part usually last between 60 to 90 minutes, this is the final stage of the test. In the case of an infection or abscess the tagged cells will clump to a specific area of the body usually the liver or spleen but also other organs as well.
The test has been known to be giving on children in the case of inflammatory bowel disease so the test does not discriminate against age. There have not been enough studies in the case of children and the Indium scan and the effects from it.
There are no restrictions or preparation to undergo this test and is painless except for the sharp feeling from the needle however the patient is asked to remain still on the table as if not it may affect the results. The table may be hard and cold, you will not be able to feel the radioactive substance enter your blood stream. The patient may eat regularly as well as drink. The doctor may ask you to stop taking any antibiotics if any prior to testing.
There are no known side effects of the test,

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