The Industrial Revolution: A Bad Habit Starter for Humans

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The industrial revolution was a bad habit starter for humans. This revolution into the modern world created some bad habits that are detrimental to the earths quality in many aspects, such as biodiversity or the variant of living things each organism contributing to the ecosystem no matter how small, the rapidly increase in deforestation causing a loss of biodiversity plus more and more soil degradation which happens to affect the water quality and quantity. These problems can all be traced back to the industrial revolution as it started a habit of these things and also expanding our life expectancy making so we needed more and more materials making companies in turn to increase the amount they do it. There are certain ways we can combat these habits and change for the better. If we are looking to change it might help to look back in time and see past attempts that failed to help us and the possible outcomes if we had listened to the acts that came and passed over time. Air pollution can be dated back to early as the thirteenth century as King Edward I had threatened his people of london with large penalties for those who continued to burn sea-coal though this threat had little effect amongst the people of london it was one of the earliest concerns for the environment and if taken more seriously King Edward the first might have shaped a very different world than the one we know. King Edward the first would had to deal out massive punishment if he was around during the

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