The Industrial Revolution : A Great Job Opportunities For Children From The Age Of 5

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The Industrial Revolution started in 1760 and continued until approximately 1840. It was a major turning point in the world’s technology. Hand tools were replaced by steam and electricity-driven machines (Spark Notes Editors, 2015) and many inventions were created such as the telephone, traffic lights and the sewing machine. This machinery enabled factories to expand and employ more workers, and led to people flocking to the cities. However this created big issues regarding housing, the more people arriving the more houses, facilities and resources required. While the Industrial Revolution provided many great opportunities for everyone it also had a downside, as thousands of children were forced to work in terrible conditions.
During the Industrial Revolution there were so many great job opportunities for children from the age of 5. Some of these included; working in factories, as chimney sweepers, in Brickworks, in mines and in mills. Because of the many job opportunities cities started to grow and cheaper houses were built (, 2014). Cheaper clothes were designed then made by the children and the means of transportation changed enormously. Everything became faster, easier and started to cost less, this made the lives of families much easier because the children would be contributing their money towards necessities.
However, even though this sounds fantastic everything comes at a cost. Cities were not prepared for such an increase in population in such a short

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