The Industrialization Movement

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In the late 1800’s, a thing called Industrialization started to occur. Industrialization is when our economy went from an agriculture (farming) economy to an industrial (manufacturing) economy. There were many very important leaders in the industrialization movement in the late 1800’s. Andrew Carnegie, George Eastman, Henry Ford and J.D Rockefeller were all Captains of Industry and had a big impact on the industrialization movement and made it more positive than negative. Industrialization had a positive impact on American society. The Transcontinental Railroad, the steel industry and the automotive industry all had big advantages during this industrialization movement. The Transcontinental Railroad had a positive impact on industrialization …show more content…

A gigantic part of our everyday lives. When you wake up in the morning, you depend on a car, bus or train to get you where you need to go everyday. Back in the 1800’s, only the wealthiest of people had the luxury of the automobile. During the Industrialization era, Henry Ford created this process of the assembly line. This is where one person made one part of a product is created then that piece is sent down to someone else who adds onto that unfinished product. Henry Ford used this in the process of constructing the automobile. The assembly line sped up the process of which a product could be made. Because of this, the price of that product decreased. The price of the automobile decreasing allowed the average person to have the luxury of the automobile. More cars were created through this assembly line which allowed more than one person to purchase their vehicle at one time. This made the car buying process to be smooth rather than having 30 people going berserk over one car that is available at one time. In entry 3, it states that more roads were built throughout the U.S. which allowed more goods to be shipped. More people from a variety of areas over the country would have access to a product that use to be only available to a certain region of the country. Increased roadways also allowed the citizens of the U.S. travel to more places for pleasure. Staying in one town or city your whole life isn’t amusing. Exploring different places is exciting and thrilling …show more content…

The Transcontinental Railroad allowed for more goods to be shipped to different sides of the country, which was good for the economy. The railroad also allowed people to move out west to start a new life in farming or just to get away from the populated cities. The steel industry. If this wasn’t created, we would have less railroads and less buildings in the cities. Steel is cheap which allowed us to building buildings. The increase in buildings also increased the population in cities. Steel allowed for more railroads to be built. More railroads equal more trade. The increase in trade strengthened our economy and gave more jobs to more people so we were able to continue trading that good. Industrialization was positive. Think of all the cities that were created because of it. Industrialization had a positive impact on the American

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