The Influence Of Bach

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Carl Friedrich Zelter, the conductor of the Berlin Singakademie was another primary character in the 19th century revival of Bach’s vocal music. He performed some of Bach’s motets and showed Bach’s music to many of his colleagues and students. Zelter exposed Eduard Devrient and Mendelsshon to the St. Matthew Passion and allowed Mendelssohn to conduct it in 1829. (Arnold, Bach, 89-90.) This time the audience reacted very well, in terms of the music and its religious significance. Reports of the perfoamcne circulated throughout Germany. This began to transform the revival from a cult to a popular movement. The St. Matthew Passion was produced in many German towns in the early 1830s. Then performed by the Berlin Singakademie in 1833 and the …show more content…

Bach’s fame continued to increase until both his keyboard and vocal work were known throughout Europe. Approximately two hundred books were written about him in the 19th century, a very large number for any posthumous compsoer. A major biography was published by Philipp Spitta in 1873 (Domling : The Bach Tradition of the 19th and 20th Centuries,” in Johann Sebastian Bach: Life Times and Influence, 161) as well as a complete edition of his works published in 1900 that took fifty years to complete (Dents Arnold, “Bach,”New Oxford Companion to Music, 1983 ed.) . The performance of the St. Matthew passion in Paris in 1885 and of the B minor mass in Rome in 1889 were milestones in the international recognition of Bach (Schweltzer, J.S Bach, 259). Bach societies appeared throughout Europe in the second half of the century to perform his music(J.S Bach, “Great Composers 1300-1900, …show more content…

His popularity has waxed and waned in the 20th century, particularly around the two World Wars, but there’s certainly no doubt that he has become a steady part of the cultural society. The slow rise of his popularity during the end of the 18th century culminated in the 19th century Revival where he finally received recognition for the originality and beautiful complexity of his music, the very qualities for which it was critized in his own

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