Bach And Johann Sebastian Bach

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The baroque era was full of influential composers, who would travel all over Europe, hear each-others music, and be influenced from all over the globe. Though music was suddenly more global, differences in nations where still audible in the music (most obviously between France and Italy). One of the era’s most famous composers was Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), a German composer, organist, harpsichordist, violist and violinist (far left picture below). Born into one of the greatest musical families of the times, and hailed as a “natural genius”, Bach composed over 1,000 compositions in nearly every type of musical form. Though, in his later years, he faced harsh criticism that his work was outdated (due to a new Italian style invading Germany as he wrote and prepared some of his most important pieces), his legacy still lives on strong. Some of his most popular works include “Air on a G String”, “Double Violin Concerto” and the “Brandenburg concerto No. 3”. Another famous composer was the German British composer George Frederic Handel (1685-1759)- middle picture below. Handel composed for every type of musical genre, though he is most famous for his operas, oratorios, anthems and organ concertos. He is also credited for creating the English oratorio. Handel turned blind at old age, but continued to compose. Beethoven thought Handel to be the greatest of all his predecessors, and once said that “I would bare my head and kneel at his grave”. Some of Handles popular music

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