The Influence Of Direct Action

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A change shall set forth not on its own, but with the powers of the people trying to make it happen. Being Martin Luther King Jr. and having such a voice for the people that surround you there isn’t enough being done to create great impacts on those who disagree with you and your tactics. If you want to fight so much for what you believe then there should be more being done then protesting, blaming the cops, and more than just “direct action.” You should be writing letters to people to change their attitudes and aspects on African Americans not writing a letter to attempt to change my perspective on what you do. The forms of taking direct action to are by doing what you can do to help them, but they are the ones suffering by …show more content…

Thus, even though they stay silent and don’t stand by you they did not go against African Americans and cause more problems for those who still went to the church. Being disappointed in the church would be extremely saddening to them after opening up their doors and allowing those seeking prayer to come in. The apprehensive that is being caused of the breaking of laws is because if those laws weren’t broken there wouldn’t be so much violence and problems. The laws were put there by people who believe them as right and breaking those laws causes disagreement and chaos. It is conflicting these words you say “I would be the first to advocate obeying just laws” it is not justifying anything only goes against your stance because you break the laws. The two types of laws that you mention are “just laws and unjust laws” and you state that “one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” Meaning you can’t advocate not breaking laws because you still break them even if they just or unjust laws it is still important and everyone should abide by these laws to prevent pandemonium. In addition, those that do break the law must accept their consequence, but their would be no consequence if the law wasn’t broken in the first place. All in all, the more you do without bringing the people into the

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