The Influence Of Race Biology

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Race biology, or the scientific study of races based on the belief that physical appearance determines moral, psychological and physiological traits, is a discipline that has shaped History. It was important in the creation of the Nazi Ideology in Germany, and thus lead to the Jewish Holocaust, which is known to be one of the bloodiest in History. It is therefore interesting to investigate the influence of race biology on other countries, and their treatment of minorities. Due to my Swedish background, I have decided to study it’s impact on the treatment of Sami in Sweden, an issue which is still very much in actuality today, as the Sami Parliament’s 2015 report to the UN states that the Sami are still victim of “systematic discrimination and categorization” . The Sami are an indigenous group of people that are spread over the Russian Kola Peninsula and the northern parts of Finland, Norway and Sweden, where their territory is called “Lapland” . In the past, they were typically nomads, living off hunting and fishing, or …show more content…

This ideology was concretized through race politics (raspolitik), which some people tried to implement into parliament. Race biology, according to Lennart Lundmark, was created in order to provide proof for race ideology, and thus basis for race politics: “Race biology was to […] give both race ideology and race politics a scientific legitimacy” . This lead to the construction of the Institute of Race Biology in 1922, directed by Herman Lundborg, caused a more negative perception of the Sami by the Swedish population. To this day, scholars and Swedes alike refer to the beginning of the 20th century as “racism’s era” , and, for the population at large, there is little doubt about the fact that the discriminatory policies against the Sami, after 1886, were heavily based on race

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