The Influence Of The Holocaust On The Jewish People In Germany

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The Holocaust was a cataclysmic event that took place during 1933 to 1945. The word holocaust derived from Hebrew, "olah”, meaning burnt offering. Now the word is popularly known for the mass genocide that was a part of World War II, that took the lives of millions of Jews over the period of 12 years.
It all started in 1933 when Adolf Hitler took over the Germany after the death of the German President Paul von Hindenburg. The Jews were blamed for the pecuniary and environmental dilemma after World War I that Germans endured. And also, for the defeat of Germany in the World War I. According to Hitler conspiracy theory, the reason of Germany’s problem were the Jewish people that reside in the country.
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Because of the succession of Hitler, Jews started to have less freedom in their lives. Children were not allowed to go to schools anymore; the children went to schools which were secretly created by interpreters of the Jewish community. It was almost impossible to find jobs at that time, due to the unemployment for Jews. Then Hitler opened places called “concentration camps” for the Jews to suffer for the rest of their time.
The Nuremberg declaration had a great impact on the Jewish people in Germany. The declaration prevented people from keeping any jobs and it also prevented doctors from performing treatments. The people were asked to pack their belongings so all of the Jewish people living in Germany can get transported to Poland.
Non- Jews were scared to help the Jews because the Nazi's threatened them that they were going to be put them in concentration camps and be assassinated. Later, they were forced to live in a place called a ghetto, where everyone was compacted together leaving them breathless in the ghetto. The ghettos were the places that were surrounded barbed wires to prevent escape for future

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