The Influence Of The Renaissance

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The coming of the 15th century was outlined with the paradigm shift in thinking, art, science and most aspects of society known as The Renaissance. The Renaissance which is Latin for rebirth outlined the changing of society from the described medieval dark ages in which art and science was pushed aside for conquest and self-gain. This change arguably allowed for the movement of Europe from a place of putting the advancement of society aside for personal wealth and gain to a position in which the betterment of the world around and the understanding of the world that humanity inhabits were placed at the forefront of scholarly thought and study. Through ideas of humanism and changes in theological thought, individuals were able to distinguish the idea of science from that of religion allowing for advancement to actually progress as the theological basis of status quo promoted by the Roman Catholic Church could finally be challenged by educated individuals and society could move forward. However the only individuals that saw the major changes within the Renaissance was that of those at the top of the pyramidal social structure outlined within the era, as those with money could afford to see and experience the change whereas those indentured to land and forced to work for survival did not feel the effects of the Renaissance until much later due to the unavailability of resources even after the printing press had been invented. Overall it was the change in idea of the top of
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