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  • Essay About Wiz Khalifa

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    Born Cameron Jibril Thomaz, Wiz Khalifa’s estimated net worth is around $36 million, according to celebritynetworth.com. How does he make his money? Khalifa is a rapper, songwriter, and actor. Most of his money comes from his fan base, TGOD. TGOD means ‘Taylor Gang or Die’- you either join his gang called ‘Taylor or you go kill yourself. Wiz makes his money from selling his records, and show business. He used to charge $70,000 for one show in 2011. In a year’s time, he began to charge $30,000 more

  • Wiz Khalifa Biography

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    different was the tickets were an extraordinary price of only $75! That is outrageously cheap for the quality of the show. The lead singer, Jimmy Buffet has an amazing voice with multiple personalities shown in the different songs. On the guitar is Wiz Khalifa who has many electrifying solos and plays with fire in his heart. The keyboardist, Drake, doesn’t get much credit but in the background of each song you can clearly hear his smooth keyboard style played with perfection. Kanye West also has

  • Essay on Music- The Beginning of the End

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    At a young age music is brought into a child’s life, parents even use music to sooth a baby before it is even born. Music has a huge impact on pop culture. What is popular culture some may ask? Well you can break pop culture up into two words, popular and culture. In Merriam- Webster Popular is defined as commonly liked or approved (“Popular”). The word Culture is defined in the same dictionary as the act of developing the intellectual and moral faculties especially by education (“Culture”). With

  • The Violence And Drug Abuse

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    music the most, as they are less developed than the adults. In today’s days many singers and rappers that sing and rap about the drugs and violence. And for some reason that’s what teenagers prefer. The example of this singers would be O.T Genasis, Wiz Khalifa and Chief Keef. All these singers and rappers promote the violence and drug abuse in our society. In result, children become less successful in the society that they live and their physical abilities become less prominent. Resulting in very weaker

  • Negative Effects Of Music

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    experience better. Sad music has an opposite effect, it brings people down. For example a song that brings joy and happiness would be “ Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time” by Panic! at the Disco. A sentimental song would be “ See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa. Lastly “The Memory” by Mayday Parade would make anyone sad or a bit down. Imagine listening to a song that everyone in the car knows the lyrics so you all sing along having a total blast. This song can bring back some happy and fun times, being

  • Is A Slut Walk?

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    She first caught the publics eye by having a relationship with the rapper Kanye West back in 2008 and since then her fame has risen. Amber Rose has gone from being a stripper, to featuring in music videos, to walking down the runway, to marrying Wiz Khalifa, to writing a book and now, to being a feminist and having her own organisation and holding “The Amber Rose SlutWalk” event in LA. Im sure most people have seen the raunchy pictures she posts of her self on twitter and instagram and with no previous

  • Dead Or Alive : Characters In Dead Or Alive By Tom Clancy

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    In the novel Dead or Alive by Tom Clancy, being tough or intelligent (usually both) is the norm for the characters, whether they be protagonists or antagonists. Following the discovery of the Umayyad Revolutionary Council, a terrorist organization headed by a mysterious man referred to as “the Emir”, Campus operatives Jack Ryan, Jr., Dominic Caruso, and Brian Caruso are hard pressed to find him, dead or alive. Although culturally-nuanced-and-trivially-unimportant matters, such as music, hardly come

  • My Musical Theatre

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    Throughout my entire life I have never had any real interest in musical theatre. One time when I was in about 5th grade, my grandfather took me, my brother and my cousin to a showing of the “Nutcracker.” Let me tell you, I tried my hardest, I really tried, but I couldn’t stay awake for the entire performance. This experience I had put a bad taste in my mouth as for the next several years, I never attended another musical theatre event. One day in the spring, I was going through Golden Bear Advising

  • Kanye Vs Wiz Khalifa Analysis

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    West and Wiz Khalifa. The two pretty popular hip-hop artists were seen going back and forth on each other’s pages feuding about the title of Kanye’s new album called “Waves”. It was then assumed by Kanye that when Khalifa tweeted the initials “KK”, he was eluding to a rude inside joke about Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s wife. This then sparked an annoyance in Kanye, who hadn’t tweeted much since before the upcoming date of his new album release, causing him to go on a 20 plus post rant about Wiz Khalifa’s

  • Racial Inequality Is A Multidimensional Problem Essay

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    was a remake of the film Project X and you never knew who or what you would end up with at the end of the night. Needless to say, we were all young back then and saw the world as our oyster; it was up to us to pry it open with our own hands. As Wiz Khalifa put it, we were young, wild, and free. Looking back, it never crossed our minds that at the end of the night we would be a lot older, controlled, and oppressed.   Racial inequality is a multidimensional problem in America. If the problem was simply