Essay on The Influence of Christianity on Ancient and Modern Greece

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The Influence of Christianity on Ancient and Modern Greece
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?From the earliest establishment of Christian churches in Macedonia, Achaia, Epirus, and Crete, to the expansion of the Orthodox Church, Greece has been a formidable landmark for development of Christianity throughout the world.? From its arrival to Greece with the first preaching of Paul, the Christian faith has undergone a unique assimilation into the cultural and philosophical traditions of the Greek people to create a church, visibly distinguishable from all other sects and denominations of Christianity.? Christianity has certainly influenced the nation of Greece.? However, it is safe to say that Greek culture has also had a notable effect on the
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Throughout the centuries, it has been largely dedicated to ?seeking to come to as careful a comprehension as possible of the mysteries of the Christian faith.?[1]? Following Greece?s philosophical roots, it is not hard to see why Greeks put so much emphasis on doctrine.? Socrates introduced human logic as a sufficient means of examining human nature, as opposed to the superstitious beliefs of less ?enlightened? societies.? The systems of Plato and Aristotle laid the groundwork for doctrinal proofs through scientific theology.[2]? Indeed, the Greeks prided themselves on a clarity of mind which the rest of the world had yet to achieve.? By coming to the height of human potential for reason and sophistication without the aid of Christianity, the Greeks were in a sense prepared to incorporate their progress into the truths of religion.

This philosophy would not only be a bridge to faith for the Greeks, but a recurring tool, used to define and refine Christian doctrine.? Doctrinal attention was especially prominent during the time of the seven ecumenical councils, between the fourth and early ninth centuries.? It was here that the Church examined the nature of the Trinity, the person of Christ, and made conclusions about the controversy of icons used in worship.? The councils made logic-based conclusions, while attempting to uphold the
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