The Influence of Science Fiction

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Films do and have always reflected society because they show what's important to people. Films demonstrate fads and hot button issues. Film is not only a piece of art but also a tool of social reform as it expresses the feelings of humans and their idea of contemporary society. Films are the mirror that reflect the society. They are controlled by powerful forces that filter information to the public as well as reflect their fears. This has been held true in the film industry for many decades. For example, when society had a fear of widespread crime then there were many films that reflected the police catching the criminals. When society felt that the schools were not educating the children then there were films reflecting inspirational…show more content…
This fear was evident in the science fiction films made in that decade. The Japanese, who had already suffered the most from the atomic fallout, were foremost in delivering this terror on film. Godzilla was the result of the American atomic ability. Godzilla wreaked havoc on Tokyo and Japanese citizens. Godzilla can be seen as a metaphor for the horrors the Japanese people endured and was a way to face their fears in the safety of a movie theater. American filmmakers were also concerned with the consequences of nuclear technology. They created their own monsters in films such as The Beast of 20,000 Fathoms. This film was based on Ray Bradbury’s short story, “The Foghorn”. It revealed the horrors that atomic technology and radiation can wreak on both the environment and on the creatures that live on the planet. It involved the accidental awakening of a King Kong with fins by atomic testing in the Arctic. The beast headed for New York devastating everything in its path before it was defeated by “good radioactivity”. These movies were entertaining and provided a crude snapshot of the way America desperately did not want itself to be. The fear of social change was also predominate in the 1950s. The greatest social change of the 50's can be contributed to the rise of the babyboom era. At the end of World War II thousands of soldiers returned home to their families where the

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