The Influence of Sex and Violence on Technology Essay

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In the last two decades, there has been a rapid increase in the use of technology. Whether it is for environmental discoveries, weapon construction, or the cell phones and internet used by everyday people, technology is everywhere. And through this technology, images of sex and violence are being channeled on the TV, on the Internet and on our phones. This means that violence and sex is everywhere. This literature review examines the problem: T.V. and video game industries have allowed a rapid increase of sex and violence exposure to teens. The paper discusses the issues caused by having so much violence and sex on technology that teens use every day and how it is changing the next generation of young people. The examination of sex and …show more content…

As observers of modern society, we know that pervasive sex and violence are part of what we see and read. We suspect that the impact on young minds cannot be constructive, but many of us are unsure of the impact and what can be done. This literature review observes whether or not violence and sex should be taken out of or reduced in video games and television by answering the following questions: • Are television shows and video games with sexual content and/ or violence influencing teens to be more sexually active or more violent? • What does this mean for future generations? • What are appropriate responses? There is a realization that, as a practical matter, violence and sex cannot realistically be fully removed from teen’s lives, but in order to bring back moral sensibilities to society, protect the next generation and reduce sexual activity among youth, there must be a ban or reduction of sexual images on TV and in video games. Are television shows with sexual content and/ or violence influencing teens to be more sexually active or more violent? According to Rebecca L. Collins’ article “Does Watching Sex on Television Influence Teens’ Sexual Activity”, research has been done that showed exposure to T.V. shows with high levels of sexual content correlated with teens being more sexually active and increasing their levels of sexual activity. The RAND study observed that teens that viewed television with sexual content

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