The Information Systems Requirements and Subsequent Evaluation of the Impact These Systems Will Have on the Business ‘Ready to Eat,

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The Information Systems requirements and subsequent evaluation of the impact these systems will have on the business ‘Ready to Eat, Executive summary This report is to be delivered by 25th May 2010 and is designed advise Rebecca Smith about various information system possibilities that would best suit the requirements of Rebecca’s business ‘Ready To Eat’ (RTE). The report firstly describes what an information system is, its purpose and how they work. This report will then discuss the increasing globalisation of markets and how IS can be utilised in small businesses to capitalise on these new markets and improve their competiveness. Further discussion are delivered on what information systems are available and describes how IS…show more content…
Whilst there are many challenges inherent in development of such systems, these systems can offer businesses a number of advantages such as a competitive tool to develop new products and services, integrate with suppliers, compete against rivals, and make effective and efficient changes to business operations. There is a diversity of sophisticated hardware, software and communications technologies, used in information systems in today’s business which makes it sometimes difficult to classify these systems in any one category. Whilst the function of information system can overlap they all seek to benefits business by supporting business processes and operations, supporting decision making by employees and manager and supporting strategies for competitive advantages (Chad, Yu-An & Shu-Woan 2007). Mangers depend on information system for decision making to help organise the data around them when they cannot process that data accurately and within the short period of time available to them. Managers will use this information to make decisions which have a positive effect on the future of the business. To properly assess the effect in the future of the decisions to be made diverse tools come into play. An effective information system should integrate forecasting the future, and because their choices have been made, such a system must
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