The Inhumanity of Death Penalty

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“Since the economic crisis started in 1997, an increasing number of people in Indonesia are thrown into the harsh reality of joblessness. More than 40 million people are without a reliable income from employment in Indonesia today. Rates of criminality have increased, not least as a consequence of weakened state and police power since the fall of Soeharto'sauthoritarian regime in 1998.” (Kristiansen, 2003)
According to Kristiansen in her article Violent youth groups in Indonesia: the cases of Yogyakarta and Nusa Tenggara Barat, it shows that the number of criminality in Indonesia has been increasing. All kinds of criminality either serious crime or not have a law to punish those criminal. A very serious crime is considered to get the …show more content…

The better way to punish someone is by a life sentence. Knowing them selves will rot in penitentiary will torture their mentality in a different way. They will feel that they do not have a life but they still live in a cage, alone with no one who cares about them. And it is allbecause of what they have done. It is absolutely the better way than the death penalty.
Moreover, opponents of the executioncome to the statement that banning the death penalty as a

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