The Insane Myth Influence On Rape Culture

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In a society where rape culture is normal, and people are taught from a young age not to go out on their own at night and to be cautious of the people around them rather than being taught not to rape or to oversexualize and objectify normal body parts, rape is a commonly trending news topic. A new common stressor has been added to subsequent intimate relationships: the trauma of rape or other forms of sexual assault. In a study of violence against women in North America, Robinson (2003) found that over forty percent of women have or will experience violence in their life including but not limited to rape. This trend is likely to be attributed to a fight for power. People holding positions of power over someone might take advantage of that control they have, leading to …show more content…

One of these reasons being the variety of rape myths that exist. A rape myth is a false, biased belief about rape, rapists, and rape victims. These rape myths lead to ideas such as victim blaming which create an unsympathetic setting for rape victims (Burt 1980). These rape myths often discourage victims of rape from reporting their trauama to authorities or pressing charges against their rapist. In a study performed by Heath, Lynch, Fritch, and Wong (2013) on the impact of rape myth acceptance on reporting rape to the police, it was found that only 23.7% of the rapes reported in the study were reported to the police. This baggage and lack of closure might cause personal conflict for the rape victim which can negatively impact their succeeding relationships. Heath et al. (2013) also found that 74 of the 102 participants studied had been raped at least once in their lifetime, leaving a total of 157 rapes among the 74 particpants. These studies show just how prevelant rape culture is and how much it negatively impacts the wellbeing of rape

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