The Inside A Long Corridor

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I stared in wonder, inside was a long corridor, lit by a glowing light, to the left were weapon racks and to the right was an alchemy lab. Beyond that to the left was an underground bathing pool with 5 built in seats, continually refilled by water streaming in from above. Opposite this were a full set of forging, smelting and weapon crafting gear, beyond that was an alchemy table and a set of empty book shelves. I was in love with the place already and determined it would be my home. Opening a locked door at the end of the hall revealed a bed in the middle of the room, several chests and to one side a kitchen area and the other were wardrobes. Behind the bed was further water falling gently from the ceiling and draining away through …show more content…

The fact my legs were held at right angle meant it was unlikely I would be moved out of position. I uncapped one of the bottles of “monster residue” and briefly inhaled before sealing the jar. Within seconds my pussy was moist and lubricated enough that I could start the machine, a few drops fell into the bucket below. With that I unlocked the brake, within seconds the shaft moved against my crotch, licking at my sensitive lips a dozen times every second. Animalistic moans echoed from me as I was overwhelmed by ecstasy. As I moaned in bliss, my shapely breasts danced to the rhythm of the machine, my navel clenched and relaxed in the throes of each climax. I felt flushed and was perspiring, I slipped my hands into the loops and crested heavenly wave after heavenly wave while thinking will I be able to bring myself to stop the machine? Or will I just be pleasured until I am too weak to move? My voluptuous figure squirming helplessly driven by the unquenchable fire in my loins, my moans sounded incredibly loud to my ears but couldn’t be heard over the sounds of falling water. As I lay there floating, I mused it should be easier to recruit other suppliers if the business really takes off. But the mead we are making will take at least a month to ferment, so for now I can probably manage, down to the fact I produce far more I’m certain than most women do. As the torch went out that as my signal, I reluctantly unhooked one

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