The Inspiration For American Education

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Inspiration for American Education In order to find food for her family to survive, a famished woman rummages around the streets, hunts through trash bins, and asks oncoming pedestrians for food, but she has no luck and gives up hope. After searching for days and giving up hope, she wishes she would have gone to college for a better education to support her children. Millions of men, women, and teenagers suffer each day because they do not have the adequate education for finding a qualifying job. Although many people have different excuses why they did not go to college, they have the same opportunities to earn at least a two-year college degree. Since community colleges and universities provide numerous ways to help students pay for college, all American students should want to further their education after high school. Although people from all over the world do not have the proper education to find a high-quality career, they have plenty of opportunities to succeed and to earn a degree. Receiving a college degree will help people have a better life and encourage them to accomplish future goals. Why should all American students earn at least a two-year college degree? All American students should earn at least a two-year college degree because they can advance in their education, establish a better life, and inspire future generations.
Many students do not participate in college because they do not have enough money to pay for their classes, but colleges now offer

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