The Integration of Azerbaijan into NATO

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SUBJET: INTEGRATION OG AZERBAIJAN IN NATO-LED CJTF Summary It is crucial for international organizations like NATO to work with individual countries in collaborated efforts to ensure the successful meeting of crucial military and political goals. However, it must be careful what nations it enters into agreements with, as it may have negative ramifications on a global stage. This research explores the political, military, and general considerations for allowing Azerbaijan to into a NATO-led CJTF agreement. Background Azerbaijan is a country which has recently expressed some interest in joining with NATO in a Combined Joint Task Force Concept. Essentially, this would mean that NATO and Azerbaijan would combine forces and resources in order to achieve military objectives together at shared cost to the multi-national organization. This would help make forces most efficient and thus reach military and political objectives with greater ease and efficiency. However, many have raised serious political, military, and general considerations which might make many object to Azerbaijan entering into such an agreement with NATO at this time. There are a few significant political considerations which might make some object to the two groups entering such an agreement. Essentially, Chapter III of the Joint Publication 3-16 states that "building a multinational task force starts with the political decisions and diplomatic efforts to create a coalition or spur an alliance into action"

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