Theater Campaign Plan

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The transregional, multi-domain, and multi-functional (TMM) environment we face today requires strategic direction and guidance from the President (POTUS), Secretary of Defense (SecDef), and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) to allow the Combatant Commander (CCDR) of the United States European Command (USEUCOM) to employ his Theater Campaign Plan (TCP) across the conflict continuum. In the following paragraphs, the above statement will be supported by the USEUCOM CCDR’s operational approach of developing broad strategic and operational concepts into specific mission tasks to show his TCP is linked to and supports U.S. national interests. To do so, examples of U.S. strategic guidance documents incorporated within the linkage will be presented. Lastly, a current engagement activity that is linked to a U.S. national interest in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey (GAAT) will be discussed to express the range of military operations USEUCOM faces.…show more content…
The NSS broadly lays out the national interests (ends) for the Department of Defense (DoD) to elaborate on through their strategic direction to the CJCS. The DoD under the direction of the SecDef provides the missions and strategic goals (means) through the National Defense Strategy (NDS) and the Guidance for Employment of the Force (GEF). The NDS along with the GEF provides the CJCS to then align the ends (national interests), means (missions and strategic goals) to the ways (the Armed Forces). The CJCS directs this through the National Military Strategy (NMS) which then employs the Joint Strategic Campaign Plan
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