The Interaction Of Gods / Goddesses And Humans In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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1. Analyze how The epic of Gilgamesh is an epic. a. The elements of an epic consist of many things. A few of those elements are that it has a vast setting (many countries around the world), A hero that battles natural and supernatural forces, and Divine intervention in the lives of humans. Gilgamesh contains all these elements and more, thus making is an epic. 2. Discuss hospitality in The Odyssey. a. Hospitality goes two ways; Guest have responsibilities just like the host does. The suitors, who are actually unwelcomed, guest takes Odysseus’s wife hospitality for granted as they waste all the goods and try to get at her constantly. Also when Odysseus returns in the disguise of an old man, the suitors treat him with great inhospitality. 3. Explain the interaction of gods/goddesses and humans in The Epic of Gilgamesh and Metamorphoses. a. People anticipate that the divine beings will watch over them and guard them. Now and again it isn't that the people hope to be protected but, guided somehow. They see the gods as flawless creatures that are all powerful and all knowing. The interaction between the gods and the humans in The Epic of Gilgamesh isn’t hard to identify, “Your appearance is no different from mine; there is nothing strange in your features (Gilgamesh 538)”. There is trust and a mutual dependency between the humans and the gods in The epic of Gilgamesh. Regardless of the undeniable power difference between the two

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