The International Council On Clean Transportation

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Running Head: Business Ethics 1 Business Ethics 2 Discussion Board Forum 1 - Volkswagen Scandal Rachelle Sepich Liberty University Volkswagen Scandal Overview In 2013, the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) began conducting ?on-road emission tests for cars?. The investigation on Volkswagen identified the emission levels were nearly 40% higher than the defined limits (Jung & Park, 2017). Ultimately in 2015, Volkswagen publicized a recall of more than 450,000 diesel cars resulting from an inability to operate within the required legal parameters. Specifically, the vehicles were designed to ?cheat on emissions testing? and ultimately produced ?air pollutants well above the legal limit? (Reitze, …show more content…

Without this oversight, situations like Volkswagen, Enron, Tyco and Worldcom will continue to happen. Knowingly committing and concealing fraudulent activities is undoubtedly illegal. If I were a manager during this scandal, my initial focus with my employees would have been centered around ensuring all employees understood and adhered to all laws associated with the reporting and manufacturing of our products. By creating a common understanding (Proverbs 4:7), it increases the likelihood that employees will have the same ethical baseline. If we don?t have this focus, James Lewis vs. Caterpillar bulldozer vs Whayne Supply Company confirm that the legislative exposure and jurisdiction is inherently broader (Kubasek, 2016). In correlating the potential risk and magnitude of this situation, I would have deduced that the short-term benefits in gaming the system could not possibly outweigh the long-term costs associated with the decision that was made. Then applying the WH Framework, we could tangibly scope and assess the ethnical effects our decisions may have. Any speculated damage acknowledged would have identified unfathomable financial and political risks based on the known social and environmental concerns at the time. Therefore, any cost benefit analysis or risk assessment used was

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