Bmw 's Main Competitors On The Uk Market

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BMW’s main competitors on the UK market are Daimler Ag well-known with Mercedes and Maybach, Vauxhall Motors offering Opel, Ford, Audi and Volkswagen Group UK. Ford has been first on the market share for the last two years (See AppendixB), attracting the customers with a combination of price, power and efficiency. Ford’s engine technology plays a key role, reducing both running costs and emissions while delivering rewarding levels of power and performance (Ford, 2015). This model may serve as an example to BMW in terms of considering emissions causes and the public sensitivity of this matter. After the recent emission scandal Volkswagen has lost positions among the leaders in the industry and people lost their trust and respect of the company. According to estimates, the cost of the entire dieselgate scandal for Volkswagen, including government fines and settlements, private settlements, recall expense, and future loss of sales, could be up to $34.5 billion (Trefis, 2015). According to the previous source, BMW’s diesel emission was also questioned, in particular, the model X3 was reported to be eleven times above the European norms which led to a 10% decline in BMW’s stocks. Further investigations will follow in BMW’s case but nonetheless it is a serious issue and a sign that the company must be very careful with its offered products, otherwise, BMW may follow Volkswagen’s collapse. Mercedes is arguably the toughest and the most challenging competitor to BMW as both

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