The International Organization For Standardization Essay

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The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) states that air pollution is the result of human activities and natural processes on the environment, which causes certain gases to be released into the air to interact with other substances to form acid rain, the greenhouse effect and ozone hole on global scale. Environmental pollution can be directly jeopardizes a wide range of public health in short amount of time through its pollutants that naturally generated in the atmosphere during the pollutant emission. For instance, the following three cases are the result of the environmental pollution that occurred in last century. The first one is the Meuse Valley fog of 1930 that occurred in the area of Liege on the River Meuse where was once one of most heavily industrialised areas of Europe since industrial revolution. The event occurred between Dec 1 to Dec 5, 1930, a thick fog covered a large part of Belgium. From Dec 3 onwards, hundreds of people experienced severe respiratory signs and symptoms in the village between the town of Huy and Lieg and more than 60 people died in the next 3 day due to its polluted environment.
The second one is the Donora smog of 1948 that occurred in the Pennsylvania, which caused by the mixture of emission of plants and coal furnace which led to large amount of Sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and metal dust were trapped in the town during oct 26 and dec 31, 1948, caused 20 people asphyxiated and 7,000 people sickened in

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