The International Relations And Foreign Policies Decisions Essay

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The importance of Ethic in the study of the international relations and in foreign policies decisions by governments and others non-states.
The structure of individual estates and how they behave has been influenced by the constitution of the international system. In others words, due to the fact that states behave in an anarchy system, in which is not a high authority that protects them in case that they found themselves into international affairs with others states, it makes that states persuade the seeking of power, trough security competition, to ensure its survival.
Due to the fact, that states are the major actors worldwide, to guarantee that the competition between them is not aggressively, for example, after Wars, in the settling of peace. Also, in cases of outlaw societies, that refuse to comply with the law of peoples (Rawuls, 1999, pp.4,90). At this point, it is when, the solutions of these conflicts must have a universal ethical basis and be directed by entities as non-actors that have the political, economic, and most important, the moral power, to persuade states to change or modified their political policies. Also, implement regulations and norms basis in moral ethic to preserve the protection of human rights. (Bell, 2010) without other interest, then peace, and global order, for the wellbeing of the worldwide population.
Differences between Liberalism, Realism and its three varieties.
Simplicity is an important difference between two theories that explains
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