The Internet: Aiding Criminal Activity

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1. Explain how the Internet has aided criminal activity. With the advent of any new technology must also come an added respect and responsibility for that technology. Today's world has been significantly modified over the past decade due the internet and the superconductivity this tool has provided to its users. As a result of this popularity, a criminal element has seeped within the confines of cyberspace to present new challenges for lawmakers and law enforcers everywhere, all the time. The purpose of this essay is to describe the role of the internet and its involvement with crime and criminal behavior. This essay will describe specific examples of how the internet has aided criminal activity and highlight the types of crime that have received more notoriety because of the internet's ability to connect people anonymously.
2. Provide three (3) specific examples of how the Internet has aided criminal activity. Goodchild (2008) suggested that crime has been severely modified due to the presence of the internet. She wrote " gone are the days when most hackers were looking for fame with a splashy, large-scale attack on a network that made headlines. Today's cybercriminals are quietly taking over vulnerable web sites as part of an elaborate process in the underground economy." This new society infuses then internet and criminal behavior into an almost socially excusable form of behavior because of its widespread prevalence. Hackers and are an assumed risk by almost all
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