The Internet, And The Abundant Social Media Platforms

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The internet, and the abundant social media platforms it contains, enables us to post our own thoughts and words for it to be viewed, not only by our neighbors from across the street, but also by people from all crevices of the Earth with a wifi-connected device. Being linked together, in this way, can lead us to feel a strong bond with those who post or tweet daily updates of their lives we get to see so often. Even if we do not directly exchange messages with them and form close friendships; through a sense of fraternity, we tend to heedlessly believe statements they claim. However, entrusting our opinions, more often than not self-formed, to faceless commenters tends to dampen our ability to form educated judgements for ourselves. Surely those anonymous individuals are inclined to establish their own biases. Not to say that there is anything wrong with that, but for us to blindly rely on the string of characters displayed on the monitor in front of us without doing a good bit of research on the subject at hand first? Absent-minded actions like this is slowly becoming what is typical from a sizeable amount of social media users. Throwing out bold accusations we have not done a good amount of examination does not exercise proper critical thinking. Just because they choose to share particular snippets of their lives does not mean most of their notions are based upon well-informed conclusions. Numerous victims have fallen for false remarks made by the people they “follow” on

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