The Internet Can Make People Smarter And Their Lives Easier

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In 2000 the number of internet users in the world was roughly 738 million. In 2015, that number has increased to 3 billion people who use the internet on a daily basis, and is only growing larger (Davidson). With the increase of users, there are many negative things that a person can come across like pornogrophy, scams and viruses, access to personal information, and cyber bullying, but the use of the internet can make people smarter and their lives easier in many ways. When scrolling through different funny cat videos, various hand-eye coordination motor skills are being learned while using the mouse. It can also improve social skills in teens, help children become better learners, make society healthier, and improve cognition in humans. The internet makes our lives easier with a click of a button and can improve physical, as well as mental attributes. While the internet has its downsides, the motor skills gained, the practice of communication, the knowledge gained about health, and the improved cognition have a greater upside.
There have been many tests done to try and prove that surfing the internet can improve many motor skills. In John Bohannon’s article, he claims that the average computer user, “makes more than 1000 mouse clicks per day” and people do it so much they “don’t even think about this amazing dexterity.” To prove that perusing online can actually improve motor skills, Bohannon set up an experiment with Konrad Kording, a psychologist at a rehabilitation

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