The Internet Is Good Or Bad?

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Have you ever walked in the street and someone says to you “ Are you that guy? Why did go there? Are you a friend of that horrible guy? Why did you even go to that city? Etc,, ”. Stopping for a minute wondering who this guy is. Asking yourself ”have I met that guy before? Or even how has he/she known that thing about me.
" When the internet became available, we got all of the general public including some unsavoury characters that didn 't have your best interests at heart, so we got a lot of bad things showing up on the net in addition to the overwhelming positive value that is available," he told TechRadar”(Goss). In other word, we have become using the Internet widely that we do not even know what we are doing. Indeed that we are in …show more content…

As we can see, the Internet is filled with things that consider to our privacy.
“With ever increasing penetration rates, the usage of mobile communication technology has integrated into our society. The usage of mobile phones has created social norms related to acceptable user behaviour and habits, e.g. turning the tones off during movies or lectures. However, the normative behaviour and limits of personal territories are still evolving, and may vary between users and user groups. Privacy issues have lately gained lot of attention in future development trends related to mobile computing, see e.g. [5]”(Häkkilä). By having the mobile phone our using of the Internet becomes easy and available to everybody. Which is open to us many doors that make us posting every single thing that happens in our daily life. Moreover, the users of the Internet have become fixable with posting his/her daily life on it that makes super normal in our society spatially to these things that we used to consider it our privacy.
In case that you have forgotten what privacy means, here is a definition that may make us realize what are the things that we are not supposed to post every single thing in our daily life. “I propose that privacy be defined as the Condition of not having undocumented personal information about oneself known by others. To clarify this definition the notion of undocumented personal information must be explained. Very few legal scholars

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